Silk Flower Arrangements: An Introduction

Silk Flower Arrangements: An Introduction

Silk or faux (false) florals are actually made of polyester or other man-made fabrics. However, at Floral Home Decor, we use the finest artificial material to create breathtaking floral and foliage silk flower designs. Our silk flower arranging is accomplished by skilled professionals who utilize a variety of faux floral arrangement styles.
Although experts may differ regarding the names of the myriad floral design styles that emerged over the centuries, silk floral arrangements tend to fall within four basic categories: 1) the mass style, 2) the line style, 3) the line-mass style and 4) the miscellaneous style.

The mass style is the most traditional style for real or artificial floral and greenery arrangements. You or someone you know may actually display this style of silk or real floral arrangement at this time. The silk mass floral arrangement groups the flowers and foliage together into a mass or bunch. The faux flowers and foliage are then arranged in a rounded design with little or no gaps in the silk flower arrangement.

The line style of silk flower arrangements, on the other hand, contains open spaces or gaps within the faux floral design. Twigs, posts and other materials are used to provide a vertical and horizontal structure. Once the basic structure is in place, silk flowers, foliage, greenery, ferns and grasses are placed to create unique faux floral and foliage designs that play with color, lines and space.

There is also a line-mass style of silk floral arrangements. This particular silk floral arrangement style only partially fills the boundary or space designated for the silk floral design with material. The line-mass floral arrangement style allow gaps within or around the grouping of silk florals and foliage and uses vertical and/or horizontal structures to hold the silk flowers and foliage in place.

Lastly, a miscellaneous silk floral and foliage arrangement style has emerged within the last several decades. Any silk floral design which does not directly fall into the categories described above is referred to as a miscellaneous silk floral design. Also, a silk floral and foliage arrangement that uses any combination of the styles described above falls into the miscellaneous silk flower design style. Garlands, wreaths, topiaries and swags are all popular miscellaneous silk floral designs.

Floral Home Decor specializes in experimenting with a variety of high quality silk floral and foliage arrangements. You will find many silk flower and greenery designs on our website; we also welcome your own creativity, and sell custom silk floral and foliage designs to fit your unique home interior.

- Written by Donna McGiboney