Silk Floral Designs – The Mass Style

Silk Floral Designs – The Mass Style

Originating in Europe, the mass silk floral arrangement became popularized during the Renaissance and was featured later in paintings of grand floral displays by the Dutch and Flemish masters of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. From these beginnings the floral centerpieces and arrangements of the Victorian Period emerged. Silk floral designs with different variations of rounded bouquets continued to evolve during the twentieth century

The mass style silk floral and foliage design is a rounded group or mound of flowers. If you ever picked a bouquet of wildflowers and placed them in a glass or vase, you created your very own mass-style floral and foliage arrangement. The silk mass floral design style is merely a rounded bouquet of large, tightly-grouped flowers. The silk mass flower arrangement, though rounded, can take a triangular, domed or bunched shape. In fact, there are several specific mass arrangement styles for faux flower arrangements: 1) the bunch; 2) the traditional or classic mass; 3) the Byzantine cone and 4) the Biedermeier.

Silk Floral Mass Design: The Bunch

When many people think of a floral and flower arrangement or centerpiece, the bunch comes to mind immediately. It is the simplest and most common floral design style. Roses, peonies, geraniums, hydrangea, ranunculus, dahlias or anemones form tight, rounded bouquets and are simply placed in a vase or other container. You have probably created your own mass floral centerpiece at home with these mass or dominant flowers from your garden.

Silk Floral Mass Design: The Traditional or Classic Mass

The traditional or classic mass design takes the free-flowing bunch form a step further with the use of foam or wire to mold the rounded shape of the silk flower arrangement. If you have ever used floral foam or chicken wire to define the shape of your real or silk floral and foliage bouquet to create the shape of a fan, an oval, or other fully enclosed, entirely filled, and entirely rounded floral design, you probably created a traditional mass floral arrangement. The traditional mass flower and foliage arrangement sits as a centerpiece or reaches from floor to ceiling. Triangular silk floral designs in the traditional or mass style have become popular since the middle of the twentieth century.

Silk Floral Mass Design: The Byzantine Cone

The Byzantine cone style for floral and foliage arrangements mimics the shape of a rounded Christmas tree. Because this dense, conical floral design requires a large quantity of plants that would be difficult to keep moist if fresh flower were used, the Byzantine cone works best as a silk flower and foliage arrangement. Nowadays this rounded, triangular arrangement is set on a floral foam cone. In the past, craftsmen used a wire frame filled with moss to create the shape of the Byzantine cone. Constructed with leaves, blossoms, berries and holiday accessories, the Byzantine cone takes on a very full, formal look and adds a festive flair to Christmas decor.

Silk Floral Mass Design: The Biedermeier

Once again, you have probably seen this flatter, domed grouping of flowers as a silk dining room centerpiece or as a faux flower arrangement for a coffee table or sitting room. A very popular arrangement for roses, the Biedermeier appeared as the traditional floral centerpiece for centuries. The concentric circles of multiple colors of flowers with an outer collar of foliage define the look of the Biedermeier faux flower arrangement. Stems are usually concealed in the Biedermeier silk floral design to feature the dome shape, the variety of colors and the pattern of concentric circles. The Biedermeier silk flower and foliage arrangement is usually displayed in a rounded, low-standing vase.

Floral Home Decor and the Rounded Silk Bouquet

Floral Home Decor specializes in crafting variations of rounded silk flower bouquets with magnolias, peonies, orchids or roses. You may order these magnificent silk floral displays online, or you may contact us to customize your rounded silk floral arrangement by substituting other large or dominant flowers - - delicate purple hydrangea, cheery pink geraniums, or bright yellow ranunculus. Either way, a rounded silk floral arrangement from will fill your home interior with warmth and beauty for years to come.

- Written by Donna McGiboney