Silk Floral Designs: The Miscellaneous Style

silk wreathsSilk Floral Designs: The Miscellaneous Style

The miscellaneous style for designing silk floral and greenery arrangements escribes faux floral and greenery designs which do not fit into the mass, line or line-mass styles. At Floral Home Decor, wreaths and swags are popular silk flower and greenery designs that fall into the miscellaneous category.

The Silk Floral Seasonal Wreath – Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer

You are probably most familiar with the evergreen holiday wreath around Christmastime; however, seasonal wreaths for fall, spring and summer have become commonplace items as well. At Floral Home Decor, large flowers (orchids, peonies, roses) with deep reds, burnished oranges and golden yellows adorn grapevine wreaths. Accented with botanically realistic fruits, faux berries and a burlap bow, they welcome the autumn into any home as an elegant door adornment.

Wintertime is the season for silk floral and greenery designs in deep, rich colors, and winter wreaths are no exception. Try a pine wreath featuring magnolias and deep red roses. Blackberries, grape ivy and gold twigs accent this opulent winter look. Or, imagine a unique variation of the traditional Christmas wreath direction adorned with festive reds and whites against traditional dark greenery: imagine a unique variation of the traditional Christmas wreath with red berries, red and white carnations, red and yellow pomegranates, green variegated ivy and dark green reindeer moss.

For a subtle, breezy springtime look, decorate your door with a grapevine wreath bearing a medley of silk hydrangea bouquets -- in soft greens, delicate pinks or blues, and elegant creams and whites.

Vibrant, colorful summer wreaths are another specialty at Floral Home Decor. Picture bright silk arrangements of geraniums, roses, peonies and ranunculus blossoms blended with assorted wildflowers, irises and lilies. Miniature daisies, babies' breath and capsia accent these colorfully decorated silk summer floral wreaths. Hand-painted butterflies from all areas of the color spectrum float among the brilliant silk florals.

Lastly, try an upscale, high end silk floral wreath design for either spring or summer that will take your friends breath away. Floral Home Decor offers a large silk wreath arrangement made solely from cream-colored, silk magnolias and botanically realistic soft-touch leaves. The simple elegance of the silk magnolias complements the deep green splendor of the faux leaves and reminds one of vanilla ice cream and the crisp cotton clothing worn at the hometown Sunday picnics of yesteryear.

door swagThe Silk Floral Door Swag

Some of the silk floral arrangements that adorn the seasonal faux wreaths described above also come in door swags. At Floral Home Decor, spring and summer door swags serve as hanging vertical displays in fine faux florals, silk greenery and foliage, and thoughtful accents like botanically realistic fruits, whispy ferns, pheaseant feathers, and fine silk grasses. Whether you seek a silk fall door swag with botanically realistic harvest fruits and autumn foliage, or whether you prefer to usher in the spring with soft pink, blue or cream hydrangea clusters and matching bows, Floral Home Decor has a variety of silk floral door swag selections to choose from. For an autumn look, switch out the swag for one with vibrant, warm colors – golden hues, earthen reds, rstic orange cloors and bright yellows. Floral Home Decor can decorate your festive autumn swag with pumkins, squashes, red and brown berries, and orange, yellow and green ranunculus leaves

For a winter swag, switch to dark, inky opulent colors if you do not wish to follow the traditional green and red Christmas or Yule motif. You can use deep burgundy berries, garnet and ruby red flowers, black flowers (black calla lilies or black baccarat roses, for instance), and even chocolate brown leaves (such as chocolate smoke bush leaves).

- Written by Donna McGiboney