Decorating With Silks

Floral Home Decor Brightens Up The Decor Of Your Home With Silk Flower Arrangements
Floral Home Decor: We Put The Elegance Into Your Home Floral Design

Your home is your personal retreat. It takes you away from the stresses of work, the hectic schedule of appointments, and just the general aggravations that you have to deal with outside your front door. You would love to have every room feel like a paradise where friends and family can sit back and enjoy each and every room.

While you have been able to design the walls, carpet, and knickknacks in the room to your liking, you would love to add beautiful flowers to give a vibrant elegant appearance. But fresh-cut flowers are so expensive. Potted plants can become messy and, if they are not taken care of correctly, they die off quickly. Also, you may not be able to keep fresh flowers or house plants in your home due to allergies, kids, and pets.

We at Floral Home Decor understand your needs. That is why we offer silk flower arrangements to decorate your home, office, retail store, hotel rooms, and churches. Our elegant florals are hand-crafted with the upmost care and creativity to match the decor of the room so that you have a piece that accents the overall beauty. With our world-market inspired designs, we strive to specialize our arrangements, topiaries, wreaths and wall sconces to suit your particular tastes.

Please browse through our site to see what we have to offer. Besides silk arrangements for everyday decor, we also offer holiday designs and a gift collection for that person in your life who is special to you. You can also select from a large variety of home accents such as paintings, window treatments, vases and lamps. Or you can check out what new products have just arrived.
What We Offer

At Floral Home Decor, you will find the silk flowers and arrangements that look so real you will want to bend over to take a sniff of the soft petals. Choose from the large selection of silk flowers, artificial trees, silk greenery, permanent botanicals, and wreaths for doors, and a pre-made silk centerpiece or arrangement.

If you can't find an arrangement in the color you want, we can create it for you. Our professional designers will follow your specifications of size, color, decor type and vase type. All you have to do is mail us a photo of the room where the arrangement will go and your specific details. We will strive to give you the florals exactly the way you want at no additional charge.
Types of Florals Available

We have florals, wreaths, and arrangements for all decors and occasions. We also carry urns and vases made of the highest quality resin and hammered metal planters decorated in embossed designs. Types of floral arrangements we have include:

  •     Blue and White Hydrangea centerpieces
  •     Calla Lily and Orchid floral designs
  •     Pink Peony centerpieces
  •     Parrot Tulip bouquets
  •     Red and Gold Silk Rose arrangements
  •     Dancing Silk Orchids in grass
  •     and much more...

We also carry a large selection of wreaths to hang on your wall or door. Get a wreath to welcome guests into your home, or place a holiday wreath on your door. Although we make most wreaths in advance, you can call or email us for a custom-made wreath. Check out our assortment of wreaths, such as:

  •     Fall wreaths
  •     Wildflower wreaths
  •     Pine wreaths
  •     Pumpkin wreaths
  •     Spring wreaths
  •     Christmas wreaths

To give all of our silk arrangements added dimension and texture, we place natural botanicals with the flowers and greenery. A list of botanicals that we add to your arrangements include:

  •     Vine spheres
  •     Lady Amherst feathers,
  •     Natural pheasant feathers
  •     Feather balls
  •     Lotus pods
  •     Twisted vines
  •     Grasses

In addition to decorating your own home with florals and greenery, we also offer artificial trees. Spice up the decor of a room and give a lonesome corner some much-needed decorating with a silk bamboo tree, artificial palm tree, silk ficus tree, or topiary trees.

Who We Are

Floral Home Decor is an elegant floral and botanical shop that has offered silk and artificial flowers to customers for 30 years. Growing up as a designer in her family's wedding floral company since the age of 7, the owner had a vision of opening her own company to design creative arrangements to homeowners and businesses. After college, she began selling upscale floral designs to customers.

To this day, Floral Home Decor creates contemporary and classic decor designs to bring a unique accent to your home. To find the perfect arrangement and pricing, or to set up an appointment to discuss a custom-made design, give us a call at 1-800-441-9209. You can also use our convenient online form to send us an email message to talk about our available florals. Or feel free to stop by our shop:

Floral Home Decor
7300 Emeline Lane
Summerfield, North Carolina, 27358