Decorating with Silk Wreaths for All Seasons

Floral Home Decor can help you greet your guests no matter what time of the year with one of our elegant seasonal wreaths, swags or door baskets. But wreaths don’t have to just be decorations for your doors. There are lots of options for decorating with silk wreaths outside and inside your home, no matter what the time of the year.

Decorating with Silk Wreaths Indoors

Wreaths are beautiful hanging on doors but for a unique look, you can decorate the inside of your home with silk wreaths. Wreaths look great hanging inside in front of a large glass window. You can also add wreaths in the kitchen hanging on cabinet doors, large islands or even the dishwasher. Wreaths can also be hung above the fireplace mantle in place of (or as a border of) a mirror or picture.

Choosing the Right Wreath and Door Decoration

If your home has a dark colored wood or painted door, it is best to choose one of our lighter colored wreaths so the color contrasts against the dark door. With lighter colored doors, any colorful wreath will work as long as the colors aren’t too light. Go for bold colored wreaths that will stand out. And always be aware of storm doors. Be sure to purchase flatter wreaths so the wreath is not crushed, if you can’t display the wreath on the inside glass. The Butterfly Dragon Set and the Metal Welcome Door Sign are a few of our thinner silk wreaths.

Customize Your Wreath

Even though we change our wreath selection often with new additions, if you need a custom color, silk flower type or particular size, we will try to accommodate your needs.  Our designers can also add a ribbon, a butterfly, hummingbird or other accent you prefer to one of our ready made wreaths. Most of the wreaths we create are made from sturdy grapevine, lush pine or wispy spiral shaped birch branches. They are decorated with high quality silk flowers, berries, foliage and other permanent botanicals.

Wreaths Make Excellent Gifts

Instead of sending your friends & family member a bouquet of fresh flowers, send a wreath or swag they can use for several seasons. The cost is about the same, and they will enjoy it much longer. Wreaths make great gifts for any occasion. You can also send someone a wreath as a thank you card to show your appreciation.  We will be happy to add a personal message on a thank you card at no extra cost. Just call in your order, email or add your personal message in our message box following your order.